Winter School in Cambridge University-Modern Medicine & Artificial Intelligence Program

2021-02-26   |  

It was so good to have all you people there, thank you for all the help you gave it to me when things got wrong, when I got depressed and helped me out. Thanks to my teammates who worked together with me to pull it off the best score of our vlog. Thanks to the leading teacher in our team to help us out when there’s shortage of masks which are vital in the epidemic. It’s a good memory we worked together to adapt to a different language lectures and fight against corona epidemic to get back home. Thx guys for all u being with me, together, and we are friends, always be.

——Yue Yu / Lily


An immersed trip with peers of unbridled passion and sparkling minds. An uncertain trip walked out in the time of uneasiness.

——Yuan Xie / Sunny


The Modern Medicine and Artificial Intelligence granted me a pivotal opportunity to learn more about the latest advances in this fast-growing field. Through interactive lectures and hands-on sessions, I managed to catch a glimpse of the future of medicine. As a doctor-to-be, I hope that I will be able to leverage on these experiences to better serve my future patients.

——Ian Chew


As the leader of this exchange project, I improved my ability to handle affairs to a great extent. I also strengthened my cooperation ability in the communication and discussion with others, and learned a lot of knowledge that I could not get from text, which benefited me a lot.

——Boyang Liu / Leopord

MMAI program Winter school2020


Remembering most the the last day night before we left England, when I finished selecting things in the store, the staff asked me, “I heard sth happened in China…Whatever I hope you guys all luck.” Fighting against the virus is a whole-world thing. Hope we, he, and the kind world all best luck.

——Ruochen Yan / Jenny

MMAI program Winter school2020