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2020-09-17   |   Office of MBBS Program

15th September, a seminar for newly appointed class mentors of batch 2020 MBBS students was held ceremoniously at the School of Medicine. Among those who participated in the seminar were: Associate Dean of ZUSM Xu Xiao, director of the medical school office of teaching Xu Lingxiao, Outstanding MBBS class mentor representative Ge Ziyu, the three newly appointed class mentors from the Affiliated Hospitals, as well as all staffs of the Office of International Students EducationZUSM.


First and foremost, Professor XU Xiao affirmed the distinctiveness and achievements of the MBBS program by the School of Medicine. Additionally, he proposed some higher, advanced requirements pertaining to the development of the program, in aim of improving the construction of Elite Courses, innovating various modes of education, progressive updates of teaching materials, etc. Next, he addressed his high hopes towards the three newly appointed class mentors in their future work.


Ms. XU Lingxiao made a brief introduction of the basic situation of our freshmen of MBBS. She pointed out that due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the teaching process of MBBS students has encountered unprecedented circumstances and also faced pressure and challenges in many aspects. Then, she hopes that class mentors would care and guide their students in study and life and their learning habits in medicine, therefore, become a guide in students' medical career.


Outstanding MBBS class mentor representative Dr.GE Ziyu from 2nd Affiliated Hospital,ZUSM shared her wonderful work as the class mentor of MBBS class in the past year vividly. HUANG Jiyi, Deputy Director, Office of International Students Education, introduced the status quo of MBBS program and the responsibilities of class mentors in detail.


After these speeches and reports, the three new class mentors had a talk with teachers of the office of International Students Education. They talked freely and shared their work experience with each other. What's more, the three new class mentors also put forward some proposals about their future work and were full of anticipation about being a class mentor.