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Researchers Reveal the Secrete of Nonrandom DNA Seg-regation in Human Cells

2020-07-21   |  

Provide high quality, efficient and professional technical services for the scientific research and teaching work from both inside and outside university and affiliated hospitals.


Website: http://www.cfzsm.zju.edu.cn/

Service Reservation: http://www.cfzsm.zju.edu.cn/lfsms/user/login

Core Facilities, Zhejiang University School of Medicine(CFZSM) was established in December 2010. Currently, there are nine sub-platforms: biochemical and molecular medicine sub-platform, histomorphology sub-platform, imaging sub-platform, neuroscience sub-platform, zebra fish sub-platform, translational medicine sub-platform,and protein purification sub-platform. CFZSM not only has nearly 100 large equipments, but also has professional technicians and advanced online booking system, with total value of nearly 90 million yuan.

Large instruments include laser confocal microscopy, spinning disc confocal microscopy, two-photon microscopy, super resolution microscopy (SIM, STORM), multicolor flow cytometry, flow cytometry, air-excited flow sorter, and so on. The main work types in CFZSM include Instrumental analysis technical service, Experimental operation technical service, biological sample processing and management services and student training service.


- Biochemical and molecular medicine sub-platform

- Histomorphology sub-platform

- Imaging sub-platform

- Neuroscience sub-platform

- Zebra fish sub-platform

- Translational medicine sub-platform

- Protein purification sub-platform