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Precision Medicine Project

2020-07-21   |   Office of International Affairs

Drawing upon the broad research portfolio of ZJU, Innovation 2030 is committed to propelling the University’s research excellence to a new height, promoting cross-disciplinary innovation and creating an innovation ecosystem that stimulates the interplay among disciplines, talents and research.

Precision Medicine Convergence Research Project

Precision Medicine Project


Represented by the fusion of life science and information science, the technology convergence offers new solutions to human health problems. The exploitation of more advanced methods for accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases will inevitably push forward a transformation of the paradigm. Driven by specific clinical needs, Precision Medicine aims for the high-resolution differential analysis on patients’ genomes and personalized disease phenome, by applying systems biology, multi-omics and intelligent analysis of big data. A brand-new chapter of disease diagnosis and treatment as well as human health will thus begin in the near future.

Underpinned by the construction of ZJU Medical Center, the Precision Medicine Project will focus on the two thematic areas, multi-omics based molecular diagnosis and genotype of diseases, innovation and translation of precision diagnosis and treatment. Key precise diagnosis and prevention technologies will be explored for undiagnosed complex diseases and major chronic diseases. The Project aims to create a well-connected innovation ecosystem that facilitates fundamental discoveries in theory and makes major breakthroughs in clinical translation and applied research, thereby protecting the health and supporting the livelihood.

  “The pursuit of precision is the strong demands of medical development as well as national health protection. Focusing on undiagnosed complex diseases, the Project will build up a clear technical route for accurate diagnosis and treatment and offer a theory basis for multi-level disease analysis, thereby encouraging breakthroughs in the research on the pathogenesis of major chronic diseases and the paradigm change of diagnosis and treatment. A series of original core technologies will be achieved, and the international multi-center clinical study will be promoted, which will serve as the source of knowledge and technology innovation in Precision Medicine, making important contributions to the better health of people in China and around the world.

   - Prof. LIU Zhihong, Chief Scientist of Precision Medicine Project and a member of CAE