ZUSM in the Community

2020-07-16   |  

Located in Hangzhou, ZUSM is truly proud to be part of the city resident. Our commitment to our local communities is based on the idea that the health and well being of the University is inextricably tied to the physical, social, and economic well being of the city in which we live.

l  ZUSM has established partnership with Affiliated Hangzhou 1st People's Hospital, Hangzhou 7th People's Hospital and other local hospitals and Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission in education, research, health care public health to advance the health of local community. 

lAlso, we cooperated with Yuhang Economic-Technological Development Area government, where the Alibaba Group global base located, Innovative Institute of Basic Medical Sciences of Zhejiang University (Yuhang) is established to incubate selective global innovative biomedical transformation projects.