UN75 Dialogues Event-Sparkling ideas between SPA & ZUSM

2020-04-28   |   Global Engagement,ZJU

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations (UN). The UN has launched the UN75 Dialogues, the largest global series of dialogue activities to date, encouraging research institutions around the world to carry out dialogues on the topic of building a better future for all. School of Public Affairs (SPA) of Zhejiang University responded to the call of the UN and held a dialogue event with the theme of “Public Governance Research under the Pandemic” on April 21, 2020. 14 experts and scholars, from the School of Medicine (ZUSM), School of Public Health, the First Affiliated Hospital, and the School of Public Administration of Zhejiang University, participated in the discussion. The contents of this event will be formulated into a report, to be submitted to leaders of various countries and the UN senior officials as suggestions for future policy decision making.

Wu Xifeng, dean of the School of Public Health and deputy dean of the Second Affiliated Hospital to School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, gave a keynote speech on the topic of Construction and Development of Public Health under the COVID-19 Pneumonia Epidemic. Wu summarized the experience of Zhejiang and Hangzhou in responding to the epidemic and suggested that the public health emergency management system should be improved, including optimizing the major disease prevention and control system and strengthening the construction of public health professional and academic platforms.

Yang Yida, director of the Department of Infection at the First Affiliated Hospital of School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, delivered a keynote speech from the perspective of clinicians on the opportunities and challenges under the pandemic. Yang shared their experiences of“zero infection”of doctors and nurses,“zero missed diagnosis”of suspected patients, and“zero death”of confirmed patients in this epidemic. He further proposed that in the future, government-led new mechanism and strategies should be established to respond to new public health crisis with multi-disciplinary participation (MDT) of public health, clinical medicine, public administration and big data analysis.

Yu Jianxing, dean of the SPA, delivered a keynote speech on the topic of Integrated Intelligent Governance: A New Form of Modern Government. Yu believed that in the post-epidemic era, we should think how China's experience and the development of information technology can promote the theoretical innovation of modern government.

Source from SPA and Global engagement,ZJU