A timely and multifaceted control strategy is effective for the mitigation of COVID-19

2020-05-15   |   Global Engagement,ZJU

Non-drug intervention strategy is mainly taken to control the epidemic in China, which includes a variety of measures. Which measure is most effective? Are there any differences between various regions? Recent study by Prof. WU Xifeng, the School of Medicine, School of Public Health systematically assessed and clustered trends in 31 provinces and 50 of the most affected cities in China during the outbreak, which is based on 12 key measures that could affect the progress of the outbreak. This city-level observational study summarized the most important measures. Their findings showed the comprehensive prevention and control strategy used by various measures (including emergency preparedness, public facility restrictions, travel restrictions, and community engagement) is the key to the success of the anti-epidemic in China.


The results were published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, the world's official public health journal. The Bulletin is in the top 10 in the Journal of Public and Environmental Health, according to the SCI cited report. It is a must-read journal for all public health policy makers and researchers who need special knowledge and latest research news of the field.