Researchers Reveal the Secrete of Nonrandom DNA Seg-regation in Human Cells

2014-03-03   |  

In 2013 January, the famous international academic journal Cell published research paper titled “Induction of Siglec-G by RNA Viruses Inhibits the Innate Immune by Promoting RIG-I Degradation” by Professor Cao Xuetao’s research group from Institute of Immunology, Zhejiang University School of Medicine. The research team found RNA viral infection specifically upregulated Siglec-G expression in macrophages by gene chip screening technique and confirmed a negative feedback loop of RIG-I signaling and identify a novel Siglec-G-mediated immune evasion pathway exploited by RNA viruses with implication in antiviral applications. These findings also provide new insights into the antiviral innate immune response and help to seek a new way to the treatment of virus infectious diseases.