Researchers Reveal the Secrete of Nonrandom DNA Seg-regation in Human Cells

2014-03-03   |  

Professor Chao He and his group firstly compared the secretome of fresh cultured CRC tumor tissues and paired normal colorectal (NC) tissues under near physiological conditions. They applied a lectin affinity based approach to enrich secreted proteins in the conditioned media of cultured tissues. The captured proteins were analyzed by the proteomic strategy of one-dimensional gel electrophoresis coupled to liquid chromatography−tandem mass spectrometry. They found 123 expressed secreted proteins (DESPs) between the CRC tissues and NC tissues. Compared with previous studies on functional genomics and proteomics, EFEMP2 was identified as a promising novel serum biomarker for CRC early detection by further research. The study was published in the Journal of Proteome Research.