Researchers Reveal the Secrete of Nonrandom DNA Seg-regation in Human Cells

2014-03-03   |  

Recently, the research of Chao He and his team from Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University, was published in the Journal of Proteome Research. They firstly compared the secretome of fresh cultured CRC tumor tissues and paired normal colorectal (NC) tissues under near physiological conditions, and discovered promising novel serum biomarkers. The adoption of lectin affinity capture enriched the secreted proteins in the conditioned media of cultured tissues, significantly decreasing severe contamination of interfering proteins and leading to efficient detection of secreted proteins. They found 123 differentially expressed secreted proteins (DESPs) with 68 DESPs up-regulated in CRC tissues. One of them, EFEMP2, was further validated by immunohistochemistry and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. They found the expression of EFEMP2 was dramatically increased in CRC patients, even at the early stage. Moreover, the diagnostic accuracy of EFEMP2 was superior to the most common used CRC biomarker carcinoembryonic antigen.