ZUSM is committed to build a community with a shared future for all mankind

The health and well-being of the local, regional, national and international community remains our highest priority. During the past years, numerous medical support teams were sent to Africa, as well as organized specialist team to Italy in response to the COVID-19 epidemic and sharing first-hand experience to nations globally and domestically.

Medical support team aboard and at home

ZUSM has been organized more than 150 medical experts to Mali, Libya, the Republic of Namibia, since 1968. Moreover, establishing point-to-point domestic connections with medical institutes in remote areas of Xinjiang, Qinghai, Guizhou province, assisting in building hospitals and medical technical support,  providing knowledge updates and staff training.

HUANG, Jianrong

Member of Medical Support Team
the 1st Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine

“You can not image how tough it is. To control the spread of virus, electric fans can not be turned on, let alone air conditioner. Also, we have to wear several layers of protective clothing which is more than 10 kilograms in the temperature of 30.”

ZHOU, Tian’an

Member of Medical Support Team
the 1st Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine

“Power blackout occurs often in Mali. There is once, it is encountered with a sudden accident of power off during a cataract surgery, successfully, we made it in the end”

  • Cooperated hospital and Co-research center

    ZUSM is deeply engaged in many partnerships and collaborations that share a broad reach across Hangzhou, Zhejiang and the nation as a whole. ZUSM and its’ affiliates are committed to promote health care, research and education fuel innovation to advance human health.

  • Co-effort in COVID-19 global fighting

    Connected by video conference,ZUSM has been sharing experience in fighting for COVID-19 with 200 + medical institutions and departments in 40 + countries crossing 6 continents.,  including the United States, Italy, the United Kingdome, Argentina, North Africa,  Indonesia etc.