Empowering future Medical Leaders and Physician Scientists

We are committed to preparing and empowering future physician-scientists and medical leaders to meet tomorrow revolution.

Launched in 2004, this program is designed for, and open to, students with a 4-year bachelor degree from various non-medicine majors. The purpose of this program is to produce top-notch medical talents with solid foundation, overall medical knowledge, excellent clinical skills and medical research capacities. It takes “to lay a solid foundation for the growth of outstanding talents” as the purpose, aims to cultivate future leaders with generous basis, superb knowledge, ability and quality, rich innovative spirit and ability, international vision and lasting competitiveness in the medicine and related fields. It adopted the conventions from the US: students are required to get a 4-year non-medicine bachelor degree before entering 4-year medical training.
  • Medicine + X = Multiple Pathway

    Our students come from every background and find themselves welcomed by world-class mentors in every field of medicine and science.

  • Post-doctoral program of clinical medicine

    Post-doctoral program of clinical medicine, which is open to students of 8-year MD program for systemic education of clinical medicine concerns. After graduation,  students experience the post-doctoral phase of clinical medicine for 3 years to conduct clinical and research training, and complete national standardized training for resident physicians.

Including but not limited to as listed
  • Application of Classified Data Analysis in Public Health (Professor Shen Wei from University of Georgia, USA).
  • Geriatrics (Professor Sean Xiao Leng from School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, USA).
  • Brain and Society (Professor Dick Swaab from Institute of Neuroscience, Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences),
  • Systematic Anatomy (Professor Kees Hillebart de Jong from University of Amsterdam, Netherlands),