With innnovative courses of high quality,  Medical Bachelor & Bachelor of Surgery program (MBBS) program aims to help students acquire an extensive edical knowledge while laying a solid foundation for their medical career.

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  •  2006


ZUSM is one of the 45 universities authorized by the Ministry of Education in China to open this program. Students are coming from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, Mauritius, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tanzania, New Zealand,etc.Authenticated by Medical Councils of Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc, also is registered on Faimer.

6 Year-program

-pre-med 1 year

-pre-clinic 2.5 year

-clinic internship/clerkship 2.5 year

Should you have any question please feel free to contact  Office of MBBS Program

Ms.HUANG Jiyi+86 571 88208063huangjiyi@zju.edu.cn

Ms.YANG Xiaolei+86 571 88208066yangxiaolei@zju.edu.cn

Ms.LIU Jin+86 571 88208522liujin6@zju.edu.cn


  • 1st Semester

    Basic Mathematics for Medicine I, Introduction to Modern Biological Science, General Physics, Basic Mathematics for Medicine Ⅱ, Chinese Ⅰ
  • 2nd Semester2nd Semester

    General Physics Lab, Cell Biology, Organic Chemistry, Chinese Ⅱ,  Systematic Anatomy, History of Medicine, Global Health, Medical Philosophy, Early Exposure To Clinic

  • 1st Semester

    Biochemistry, Histology & Embryology, ,Regional Anatomy, Medical Genetics, Chinese Ⅲ
  • 2nd Semester

    Biochemistry Lab, Physiology, , Pathophysiology,  Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine , Medical Psychology, Chinese Ⅳ

  • 1st Semester

    Medical Immunology,   Pathology, Medical, Microbiology&Parasitology, Biomedical Informatics, Survey of China, Medical Chinese I
  • 2nd Semester

    Pharmacology, Forensic medicine ,Internal Medicine Ⅰ,Medical Chinese II, Biostatistics

  • 1st Semester

    Surgery I, Communicable Diseases, Community Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Social Medicine & Ethics, Epidemiology, Medical Chinese IⅡ,Basic Medical Sciences Exam
  • 2nd Semester

    Surgery Ⅱ,Radiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Internal Medicine Ⅱ,Medical Chinese IV

  • 1st Semester

    Pediatrics, Internal Medicine Ⅲ,Surgery Ⅲ, Emergency Medicine,Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology ,  Medical Chinese V
  • 2nd Semester

    Dermatovenereology,   Psychiatry, Neurology, Clinical Training, ,Stomatology, ,Emergency Medicine

  • 1st Semester

    Senior clerkship
  • 2nd Semester

    Senior   clerkshipClinical Sciences Exam, Comprehensive Clinical Skills Exam