ZUSM has been pursuing high quality education and aiming at developing extraordinary medical practitioners. It is composed of 11 schools concentrated on basic medicine,brain science,public health and clinical medicine.8 affiliated hospitals and 8 cooperated hospital provide a health care network to the local and nation wide community. 

Institute of Medicine
Institute of Cancer Research Institute of Neuroscience and Technology B&R International School of Medicine Institute for Pharmacology and Biotechnology Institute for Translation Medicine Institute of Genetics
School/Affiliated Hospital
  • School of Basic Medical Sciences
    Dept. of Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Dept. of Physiology Dept. of Pharmacology Dept. of Pathology and Pathophysiology Dept. of Microbiology Dept. of Immunology Dept. of Genetics Dept. of Cell Biology Dept. of Biophysics Dept. of Biochemistry Dept. of Anatomy and Embryology
  • School of Brian Science & Brain Medicine
  • School of Public Health
    Dept. of Social Medicine & Health Management Dept. of Toxicology Dept. of Nutrition & Food Science Dept. of Epidemiology & Statistics Dept. of Occupational & Environmental Medicine
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Clinical Medicine/Comprehensive Hopitals (4)
    the 4th School of Clinical Medicine/the 4th Affiliated Hospital the 3rd School of Clinical Medicine/Affiliated Sir Run Run Hospital the 2nd School of Clinical Medicine/the 2nd Affiliated Hospital the 1st School of Clinical Medicine/the 1st Affiliated Hospital
  • School of Obstetrics and Gynecology/Women’s Hospital
  • School of Pediatrics/Children's Hospital
  • School of Stomotology/Dental Hospital
ZUSM Medical Network (Partnership)
Affiliated Hangzhou 1st People's Hospital Zhoushan Hospital Taizhou Hospital Shaoxing Hospital Quzhou Hospital Ningbo Hospital Huzhou Hospital Lishui Hospital Jinhua Hospital