Zhejiang University School of Medicine student introduction more

DU Yushen

2020-08-27   |  

The ZJU-UCLA MD-PhD program started in 2012 and is aimed at training medical students to become outstanding physician-scientists. Our students complete their medical training at ZJU, and their PhD at UCLA, where they can be involved in biomedical research in a multi-disciplinary manner. The PhD training typically takes 4-5 years, and is inserted in the middle of 4-year medical training. There are currently 2 students completed this program and obtained MD-PhD.



It is not an easy route: 4 years of PhD training, outside your comfort zone, in the middle of another 4 years of MD training. It is a route requires courage and determination, but a route with all the surprises and excitements. It opened a new “world of research” for me that I am very fancy about. Going through all the doubts, troubles and self-denials, I am finally certain that I want to become a “Scientist Physician” for the rest of my life.


It is a constantly changing world. It changes so fast, that makes it even hard to grab your chance. The way to face it, maybe, is to create your own chance.

——DU Yushen, MD-PhD 2011-2018