Batches of ZUSM medical staff answered the call from Wuhan against COVID-19

2020-02-14   |   Office of International Affairs

On the morning of Feb. 14, 115 doctors, 320 nurses and 18 supporting staff from the First Affiliated Hospital, the Second Affiliated Hospital and the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, affiliated hospital of  Zhejiang University School of Medicine, assembled at the Provincial Great Hall of the People and were ready for departure to Wuhan City. Over there they will be taking over intensive care units (ICUs) and lending a hand in local stressed medical system.

This urgent call for assembly was sent to all the staff on the early morning of Feb. 13, leaving limited time for preparation. They only grabbed some clothes from home and kissed goodbye to their loved ones. Before this team is dispatched, they all complete a routine——cutting hair short as they will be busy with patients and wear the medical protective clothing. 

With utmost respect and heartfelt gratitude, University leaders saw off the team. “At present, Hubei province is having the most arduous and precarious times…I believe you will accomplish this mission superbly by bringing into full play the spirit of seeking truth and your remarkable medical expertise…The Hospital and the University will provide the full backing,” Party Secretary REN Shaobo said to doctors and nurses in the Second Affiliated Hospital.

“Life is of paramount importance and we have no time to lose in the battle against the epidemic…On the front line, you should carry forward your daring and responsible spirit and treat patients scientifically and accurately…I believe that you will be a competent team capable of fighting tough battles and I look forward to your triumph,” President WU Zhaohui pointed out at the First Affiliated Hospital.  

“In the past 20 days, the first batch of medical staff from the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital has made impressive achievements in their medical assistance mission. Today, another 142 doctors and nurses will be dispatched to support Wuhan. We are firmly convinced that with our concerted efforts, we will win this battle against this novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, I urge every warrior here to protect yourself,” said Vice President of ZJU,Party Secretary of ZUSM, ZHOU Tianhua at the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital.

Let’s support a total of 1689 medics currently fighting in Wuhan and look forward to their safe return.