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Departments: Department of General Medicine and Social Medicine
E-mail: xumengy@zju.edu.cn
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Graduated from the midwifery school, which is affiliated to the Women’s hospital School of Medicine Zhejiang University in 1992. In 1999, she was graduated from the Chinese Language and Literature College of Zhejiang University. And got the bachelor degree of distance education institutions School of Medicine Zhejiang University in 2004. In Dec. 2014,she even got the qualification of National Psychological Consultant Level 2. She have been engaged in clinical obstetrics nursing and teaching management since then. As the head nurse of labor ward since 2010, she is also a member of mental health professional committee of Zhejiang Province , the secretary of the labor analgesia guidance center of Zhejiang Province, and a part-time teacher of Zhejiang academy of medical college. She has been evaluated as the hospital and university levels advanced workers so many times. And got the first award for good nurses of ZheJiang University in 2014. She has taken charge of 2, participated in 6 departmental research subjects and national funds 2 . Also she has participated in the composition of 1 book. As the first author she has published more than 10 articles, including SCI 1, Primary journal article 1, level 2 and other articles 10.