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Name: HeChao
Post: Professor
Position: Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital
Education: M.D.
Professional: Oncology
Departments: The Affiliated Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital
TEL: 86006665
E-mail: drhe@zju.edu.cn
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Professional Affiliations (Present)
1.Chairman, Surgical Oncology Society of Chinese Medical Association of Zhejiang branch
2.Vice Chairman, Colorectal surgery Society of Chinese Medical Association
3.Vice Chairman, Colonic & Anal Disease Society of National Chinese-western Medical Association
4.Vice Chairman, Chinese-western Medical Association of Zhejiang branch
5.Chairman, Colorectal Surgery Society of Chinese-western Medical Association of Zhejiang branch
6.Vice Chairman, Colon Cancer Society of Zhejiang Anti-cancer Association
7.Committee member, Anti-cancer Association of Zhejiang Branch
8.Committee member, Colon Cancer Society of Anti-cancer Association
9.Committee member, Academic Committee of Chinese Hospital Association
10.Stand Committee member, Zhejiang Provincial Hospital Association
11.Committee member, National Hospital Association

Diagnosis and treatment of colon & rectal disease, and hospital management.

Major Research Interests
Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of colorectal and anal disease, with a special interest in gene therapy and the diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

1.Identification of mechanism and theraptic devices of intractable constipation;
2.Adenovector-mediated tumor-specific apoptotic gene therapy for malignant tumors;
3.Therapeutic application of adenovector-mediated RNAi for cancers;
4.Identification of genes involved in tumor genesis and metastasis (colon cancer);
5.Identifying the effects of RON in the metastasis of colon cancer.
6.Hospital management.
7.Quality improvement and patient safety.