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Name: GaoLi
Post: Attending
Position: Clinic chief
Education: M.D.
Professional: Head & Neck Surgery
Departments: The Affiliated Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital
Research: Minimally invasive Head & Neck Surgery
TEL: 0571-86002181
E-mail: srrs_gl@sina.com
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Gao Li, Male, 56 years old, MS(Oral Maxilla-Facial Surgery), MD and PhD(Surgical Oncology), Chief Physician. Surgeon General of Head and Neck Department, Affiliated Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital of Medical School, Zhejiang University; Vice director of Minimally Invasive Surgery Institute of Zhejiang University.

Academy background: National member of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (Professional group of Head and Neck Tumor ); Member of editorial commission of " Chinese Journal of Endocrinology and Surgery"; Member of Consultation Commission of “Chinese Journal of Surgery”; Provincial vice chairman of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association(professional group of head and neck surgery, Zhejiang Province); Provincial Member of Chinese Medical Association (Professional group of Surgical Oncology, Zhejiang Province); Authority Member of Arbitration team for Medical Malpractice(Zhejiang Province).

Educational background:
① Study in Stomatology Department, Medical School of Zhejiang University(1978-1983, Bachelor Degree of Oral Medicine);
② Study in Stomatology Department, Medical School of Zhejiang University(1985-1989, Master Degree of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery);
③ Study in Affiliated Oral Hospital, Medical School of Kiel university, Germany(1989-1990, Fellowship of general Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery ) ;
④ Study in Medicine department, Medical School of Zhejiang University(1992-1996, PhD of Surgical Oncology).

Working background::
①Residence: Department of Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery, 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Mediccal School, Zhejiang University(1983 -1995).
②Senior Resident and Attending: Department of Head and Neck surgery, Affiliated Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital of Medical School , Zhejiang University(from 1996 to Now)

Research Work Introduction:
Senior head and neck Surgeon with higher reputation in China. Being a authority he is famous due mainly to the pioneer work on establishment of “Modified Miccoli’ s Endoscopic Operation Mode”(the first one who dedicates to make the classic approach clinically practicable by developing and/or completing series of necessary techniques and theory). The most important contribution of him is the introduction of a working space technique—Setting up a stable and flexible working space by a three dimension adjustable lifting-regulating device(Working Space Maker, WSM®), which is a critical innovation for clinical feasibility of the approach and turned out to be one of the three basic techniques(the others are endoscope and Harmonica)in virtual application.
Apart from the wor in thyroid surgery he makes also effort to explore the technical possibilities on minimally invasiveness in other head and neck operations. Meaningful advancements achieved include: ①A minimally invasive approach design for parotid surgery(Endoscope-assisted parotidectomy for benign tumors via a short hidden auricular incision, first reported in the world); ②A minimally invasive approach design for submendibular gland surgery(Endoscopic extirpation or partial resection of submendibular gland via a short hidden superior-lateral neck incision, first reported in the world).
Many researches are still in progressing. Among them most promising subjects are: ①A much less invasive approach designed for neck dissection in treatment of thyroid carcinoma(Level 2a,3,4,5a,6 Dissection via a average thyroid incision which length only5-6 cm). ②Working space establishment by mechanical tissue expansion(a possible technique of general significance for endoscopic manipulation in head and neck region).
Now the new approaches and techniques have been successively transferred to the clinical utility. Outcomes above has been partly reported in magazines such as " Chinese Journal of Surgery ", " Chinese Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery". The working space maker was certificated by Chinese National Patent Agency. The research work of “Modified Miccoli’ s Endoscopic Operation Mode” was awarded a provincial Science and Technology Progress Prize (second grade, Zhejiang Province).