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Name: Luojianhong
Post: Professor
Position: Executive Dean
Education: M.D.
Professional: Neurobiology
Departments: Department of Neurobiology
Research: Molecular and Cellular Mechanism of Synaptic Function
E-mail: luojianhong@zju.edu.cn
Personal Home Page: http://mypage.zju.edu.cn/0087447


9/1993-6/1997 Ph.D. in Pathophysiology,.Zhejiang Medical School, Zhejiang, PR China.
9/1984-10/1987 M.Phil. in immunology & microbiology, Institute of Microbiology & Epidemiology, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, Beijing, PR China.
3/1978-12/1982 B.M., Zhejiang Medical School, Zhejiang, PR China.

07/2005-present. Executive Associate Dean, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China.
12/2001-present. Professor and Chair, Department of Neurobiology, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China.
12/1999-11/2001: Lecturer and Research Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Georgetown University School of Medicine, USA.
7/1996-11/1999: Associate Professor and Professor, Department of Neurobiology, Zhejiang Medical University (till Sept., 1998) and Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China.
1/1993-6/1996: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Pharmacology, Georgetown University School of Medicine, USA.
11/1987-12/1992: Assistant Professor, Department of Pathophysiology, Zhejiang Medical University, China.
1/1983-8/1984: Resident, Department of Internal Medicine, Kaihua County's Hospital, Zhejiang, China

Focus on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of synapse function, especially on the signal transduction mechanisms of glutamate receptor channels and their roles in synaptogenesis and synaptic plasticity. In particular, interested in the structure-functional correlations of various subunits of NMDA receptors regulating the assembly, trafficking, and synaptic delivery of the NMDA receptor during synaptogenesis and synaptic plasticity.

PUBLICATIONS (*corespondance author)
1. Shujun Xu, Suya Zhou, Di Xia, Jianxia Xia,Gang Chen, Shumin Duan, Jianhong Luo*. Defects of Synaptic Vesicle Turnover at Excitatory and Inhibitory Synapses in Niemann-Pick C1-Deficient Neurons, submitted.
2. Shao Xin, Lijun Zhu, Wenhai Wang, Yubin Wang, Jia Zhu, Ying Shen, Jun Xia, and Jianhong Luo*. Threonine 82, a Potential Phosphorylation Site at the PDZ Domain of PICK1, is Critical for AMPA Receptor Interaction and Localization, submitted.
3. Su-ya Zhou, Shu-jun Xu, Ying-gang Yan, Hui-mei Yu, Shu-cai Ling, Jianhong Luo*. Decreased purinergic inhibition of synaptic activity in a mouse model of Niemann-Pick Disease Type C, revised.
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Ongoing Research Support
1. Ministry of Science and Technology of China, 973 Grand, 01/01/10-12/31/14, RMB 27 millions in total, Chief PI. Title: Receptor and ion-channel trafficking: structural basis, regulation and function in neuronal signaling.
2. Natural Science Foundation of China, 01/01/08-12/31/11, RMB 1.6 millions in total, PI. Title: Structural basis and regulation for differential function of NMDA receptor subtypes.