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Name: JunFan
Post: Professor
Education: M.D.
Professional: Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics and Infectious Diseases
Departments: The First Affiliated Hospital
Research: Infection in transplant immunity\Opportunistic infections after transplantation
E-mail: fanjunyz@163.com
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• Vice-chairman: Zhejiang Clinical Immunology Technical Committee, China Immunology Association
• Member of committee of experts in Clinical Test Center of Zhejiang Province
• Committee member: Zhejiang infection immunity Committee, China Immunology Association
• Member of Editorial Board in Journal of Zhejiang Laboratory Medicine

• J. Fan, X. Zhang, X.M. Chen, H.N. Gao, M.F. Yang, H. Zhao, J.H. Hu and W.H. Ma Monitoring of human cytomegalovirus glycoprotein B genotypes using real-time quantitative PCR in immunocompromised Chinese patients. J Virol Methods, 2009,160: 74–77(SCI)
• Shui-Hong Zhou, Jun Fan, Xiao-Ming Chen, Ke-Jia Cheng, Shen-Qing Wang. Inhibition of cell proliferation and glucose uptake in human laryngeal carcinomacells by antisense oligonucleotides against glucose transporter-1. HEAD & NECK, 2009,31(12):1624-33(SCI)
• Zhang X, Fan J, Yang MF, Chen XM, Gao HN, Zhao H, Ma WH, Li LJ. Monitoring of human cytomegalovirus infection in bone marrow and liver transplant recipients by antigenemia assay and ELISA. J Int Med Res,2009;37:31-36(SCI)
• Meng XQ, Zhang X, Fan J, Ma WH, Zheng SS. Detection of human leukocyte antigen compatibility and antibodies in Liver transplantation in China. Hepatobiliary Pancreat Dis Int.2009,1:9-13(SCI)
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• Li LF, Zhou SH, Zhao K, Wang SQ,Wu QL, Fan J, Cheng KJ, Ling L.Clinical Significance of FDG Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography–Computed Tomography in the Diagnosis of Head and Neck Cancers and Study of its Mechanism. Cancer Biotherapy & Radiopharmaceuticals, 2008,23(6):1-14(SCI)
• Zhou L, Fan J, Zheng SS, Ma WH. Genetic variation within the glycoprotein B and H genes of human cytomegalovirus in solid organ transplant recipients. Transplant Infect, 2007, 9:73-77(SCI)
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• Fan J, Ma WH, Yang MF, Xue H, Gao HN, Li LJ. Real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR assay for measuring cytomegalovirus DNA load in patients after haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Chin Med J(Engl), 2006,119(10):871-4(SCI)
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• Fan J, Zheng LE, Yang MF, Gao HN, Chen XM, Hu MJ, Fan WW, Ma WH. Multi-tests monitoring of active human cytomegalovirus infection in haematopoietic stem cell transplant patients. Chin J Lab Med(Chin),2006,29(7):660-661(IM)
• Fan J,MA WH, Qian J, Chen Z, Huang DS, Wang WL, and Zheng SS. Cytomegalovirus infection in liver transplantant recipients. Hepatobiliary Pancreat Dis Int,2002,1(1):30-32(SCI)
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• Fan J, Fu SZ, Shen P,Ma WH. Study Cytomegalovirus infection in virus hepatitis. J Zhejiang Med (Chin), 1999(12):707-710

Research grants(since 2000)
• National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2009.1-2011.12,“Study immune response of cytomegalovirus glycoprotein B specific CTLs in transplant recipients”, 320,000RMB(30872239)
• National 115 significant infectious disease prevention special fund in AIDS and hepatitis virus, 2008.9-2010.12, “Laboratory study HFMD immune diagnostic reagents”, 800,000RMB(2008ZX10004-007)
• Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhejiang Province, 2005.6-2007.12, “Using anti-viral Chinese medicine to prevent HCMV infection after transplantation”, 20,000RMB
• Health Bureau of Zhejiang Province, 2005.1-2007.12, “Early diagnosis of transplant recipients after cytomegalovirus and BK/JC virus infection”, 10,000RMB
• Health Bureau of Zhejiang Province, 2004.1-2006.12, “Quantitative diagnosis of HCMV~mRNA expression by NASBA technology for monitoring transplant recipients”, 20,000RMB (2004A026)
• Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhejiang Province, 2003.1-2006.12, “Research of treatment hepatitis B by invigorates the kidney and the clearing heat and detoxication in Chinese traditional medicine”, 10,000RMB(2003C083)
• Health Bureau of Zhejiang Province, 2003.6-2005.12, “Monitoring CMV infection in transplant recipients by fluorescence quantitative techniques”, 10,000RMB(2003B063)