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Name: JiangGuo-ping
Post: Attending
Position: deputy director of Emegency Institution,Zhejiang University
Education: M.D.
Professional: Emergency medicine
Departments: Faculty of the Second Clinical Medicine
Research: Critical care medicine
TEL: 87783923
E-mail: jiangphd@163.com
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I have practice medicine for more than twenty years and rescued 15,000 critically ill patients. The successful rate of rescue was 96%. I am expert in diagnosis and treatment of shock, acute respiratory distress syndrome(ARDS), emergency arrhythmia, acute cardiovascular and cerebral vascular diseases, severe multi-trauma, acute intoxication, multi-organ dysfunction(MODS or MOF), stubborn diseases and so on. I have mastered the emergency proficiency skills at bedside of Swan-Ganz catheter, large caliber artery or vein catheter, cardiac pacing by esophagus, vein or thorax, intra-aorta balloon pumping(IABP), artificial assist circulation, ventilator, A-V or V-V or V-A type of extra-corporeal lung assist(ECLA, or extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation, ECMO), continuous A-V or V-V hemoperfusion, super hemofiltration, hemodialysis, ultra-filtration, plasmapheresis, continuous renal replacement treatment(CRRT) and etc. Emergency ECLA, IABP, artificial assist circulation, CRRT, multi-organ functional support of MODS at bedside among them and treatment of acute severe intoxication of carbon monoxide, acute cerebral hemorrhage, ARDS, shock, multi-infarction have been achieved advanced level at domestic field. I have assisted teaching of master, doctor post-graduate and advanced student, and have being engaged in the national topic research. The 30 articles of medical research had been published at domestic and abroad special magazines.