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Name: OuyangHongWei
Post: Professor
Education: Ph.D.
Professional: Sports Medicine、 Tissue Engineering
Departments: Faculty of Basic Medicine
Research: Tendon tissue engineering and regenerative therapy
TEL: 0571-88208262
E-mail: hwoy@zju.edu.cn
Personal Home Page: www.zjustemcell.com


 2003  PhD   National University of Singapore, Singapore
 1994  MD    Hunan Medical University, China

Research and work experience:
 July 2009---Now  Executive Dean  School of basic medical science, Zhejiang University China
 Oct 2005---Now  Professor/deputy director  Center for stem call and tissue engineering Zhejiang Univeristy China
 Jan 2003---Oct 2005 Clinical Scientist  Dept of orthopedic surgery, Natioanl university Hospital NUS, Singapore
 Jan 2000- Jan 2003 Research scholar  Dept of Orthopedic Surgery, National University of Singapore, Singapore (NUS)
 July1994-Dec1999 Orthopedic Specialist Dept of Orthopedic Surgery, Xiangya hospital, Hunan Medical University, China

Editor Board:
Journal of Asia Pacific life science  Editor Board
Reviewer Positions:
Journal of Orthopedic Research
Am J Sport Med
Stem Cells
Tissue Engineering
Journal of Biomedical Material Research
Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Journal of Biomaterial Application
Journal of Biomaterial Research
Journal of Biological Procedure online
Journal of Toxicity Research
Grant Review position:
 National Scientific Founding Council in China
 Hong Kong Research Grant Council

Asia Cartialge Repair Group           Committee Member
China Tissue Engineering Sociaty       Committee Member
International tissue engineering society.   Membership
Singapore bioengineering society        Membership

Ouyang HW, Wang LL. Preparation of a kind of reticular tissue engineering scaffold (200610051885.3, China)
Ouyang HW. Equipment and method of  blood platelet enrichment (ZL200410026230.1, China)
Ouyang HW A novel cartilage tissue engineering scaffold and their application 200710068762.5
Ouyang HW  A membrane for soft tissue repair  200710068761.0
Ouyang HW, Toh SL, Goh JCH, Tay TE,  Nhan  PT. Novel Method for Engineering Connective Tissues. Serial no. 60/670,130(USA)

Recent Invited review and lectures :
2007  Frontiers In Bioscience Journal (Invited Review on tendon tissue engineering)
2006: ICRS workshop and combined orthopedic meeting in Singapore (Invited lecture)
2007: UK international workshop combined showcase meeting on tissue engineering(Invited lecture)
2007: 3rd Australian biotherapeutics&tissue regeneration forum (Invited lecture)
2008:5th World Congress of Sports Trauma (WCST), International Symposium of Tendons & Ligaments (ISL&T)(Hong Kong) (Invited lecture)
2008:13th International conference of Biomedical Engineering. (Singapore, Section Chair)(Invited lecture)
2009:8th International Cartilage Research Society Confernece( USA, Podium Presentation)
2010:10th International Symposium on Ligaments and Tendons (HongKong, Invited lecture )

Recent International Publications(* corresponding author):
1)Qi YY, Chen X, Jiang YZ; Wang LL, Song XH, Zou XH, Ouyang HW*. Local delivery of autologous platelet in collagen matrix stimulated in-situ articular cartilage repair. Cell Transplantation. 2009;18(10):1161-9. (IF 5.251)
2)Chen X, Song XH, Yin Z, Zou XH, Wang LL, Hu H, Cao T, Zheng MH, Ouyang HW*. Stepwise differentiation of human embryonic stem cells promotes tendon regeneration by secreting fetal tendon matrix and differentiation factors. Stem Cells. 2009 Jun;27(6):1276-87.(IF 7.741)
3)Zou XH,Cai HX, Yin Z, Chen X, Hu H, Ouyang HW*. Novel strategy incorporated the power of mesenchymal stem cells to allografts for segmental bone tissue engineering. Cell Transplantation. 2009;18(4): 433-41 (IF 5.251)
4)Chen X, Qi YY, Wang LL, Yin Z, Yin GL, Zou XH, Ouyang HW*. Ligament regeneration using a knitted silk scaffold combined with collagen matrix. Biomaterials. 2008 Sep; 29(27):3683-92.
5)Ouyang HW*, Cao T, Zou XH, Wang LL, Song XH, Huang HF. Mesenchymal stem cell sheets revitalize nonviable dense grafts: Implications for repair of large-bone and tendon defects. Transplantation. 2006 Jul 27;82(2):170-4. (IF 3.816)
6)Zou XH, Zhi YL, Chen X, Jin HM, Wang LL, Jiang YZ, Yin Z, Ouyang HW*. Mesenchymal stem cell seeded knitted silk sling for urinary incontinence treatment.  Biomaterials. 2010 Accepted (IF6.646)
7)Cai YZ, Wang LL,Cai HX, Qi YY, Zou  XH,  Ouyang HW*. Electrospun nanofibrous matrix improves the regeneration of dense cortical bone. J Biomed Mat Res. 2010. Accepted (IF 3.398)
8)Yin Z, Chen X, Chen JL, Shen WL, Hieu Nguyen TM, Gao L, Ouyang HW*. The regulation of tendon stem cell differentiation by the alignment of nanofibers, Biomaterials. 2010 Mar;31(8):2163-75. Epub 2009 Dec 7.(IF 6.646)
9)Jiang YZ, Chen LK, Zhu DC, Zhang GR, Guo C, Qi YY, Ouyang HW*,The inductive effect of BMP-4 protein on chondral-lineage differentiation and in-situ cartilage repair. Tissue Engineering Part A. 2009 Nov; [Epub ahead of print](IF 4.697)
10)Zou XH, Jiang YZ, Zhang GR, Jin HM, Nguyen TM, Ouyang HW*. Investigation on the specific interactions between cells and particular chondroitin sulfate molecule for wound healing. Acta Biomater. 2009 Jun;5(5):1588-95. (IF 3.727)