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  • Medical Informatics

    Course Description: The object-oriented of the course is that how to take advantage of the skill in......

    22 Jan 2011
  • Medical Genetics

    Course description: This course will focus on fundamental aspects of human genetics, both classica......

    22 Jan 2011
  • Neuroscience and Behavior

      Course description:   The Neuroscience course focuses on understanding the structure......

    22 Jan 2011
  • Medical Immunology

      Course description:   The medical immunology aims to introduce to the student what a......

    22 Jan 2011
  • Medical Cell Biology

    Course description: The contents of Medical cell biology course are included: cell origin and evol......

    22 Jan 2011
  • Medical microbiology and parasitology

      Course description:   Medical microbiology and parasitology is one of the essential ......

    22 Jan 2011
  • Experimental Course of Physiological Sciences

    Course description: Experiments in Physiological Sciences is an innovative integrated course that ......

    22 Jan 2011
  • Medical Biochemistry

    Course description: Biochemistry is the study of chemicalHow does a doctor diagnosis a patent who m......

    22 Jan 2011
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