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The 2018 Graduation Ceremony of International Students of Zhejiang University School of Medicine

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On March 21st, the graduation ceremony for 2012 MBBS international students was held in the auditorium of School of Medicine. Among the batch of 2012, 62 students have eventually cleared all of the required courses and successfully completed their five-and-half year undergraduate study at Zhejiang University School of Medicine. This grand ceremony was attended by the leaders from the university as well as the school. Moreover, some staff from College of International Education, the whole staffs of Office of International Students Education, family members and friends of the students witnessed this exciting moment.

Prof. Jianhong Luo who is the vice president of Zhejiang University delivered the opening speech. He praised the students’ hard work of their course study and devotion to their faith of being medical practitioners during their study at Zhejiang University. In addition, he pointed out that the graduation only means that the students have merely completed a phase in their whole life. To become a qualified doctor, there is still a long way to go. He encouraged the students to carry the values that they have learnt to the following stages of their lives. He also expressed his sincere hope that the students will keep a lifelong relationship with their Alma Mater.

Png Lin, on behalf of the students, shared her studying and life experience during her study time at Zhejiang University School of Medicine. She extended her gratefulness to the staff members of the school. She especially thanked Prof. Lijie Fan who was the supervisor of the 2012 batch for the massive assistance and care offered by her.   

Prof. Therese Hesketh who is a professor from Department of Public Health shared her inspiring experience of becoming a doctor. She emphasized that the most important quality that a doctor should bear is the ability of reassuring people. She also concluded that studying medicine actually opens doors for the students. There will be more options for them when choosing their life career. Moreover, their life will become more interesting later on. They will find all the hard work they put into studying medicine is really worthy. Afterwards, the students solemnly took the medical oath after Prof. Therese Hesketh.

As the most thrilling part of the event, delivering degree came with the fast-speed and happy music. The president set right fringe for each graduate and took photos with them.

In the end, the ceremony was wrapped up with taking group photos under the blooming cherry trees.