Undergraduate Education

Overview of Undergraduate Education of Zhejiang University Faculty of Medicine

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The history of Zhejiang University Faculty of Medicine can be traced back to the Chekiang Provincial College of Medicine founded in 1912, one of the earliest founded medical institutions. The Faculty is dedicated to training and bringing up medical talents of medical practice, biomedical research and public health management with the international standards of medical education.
The Faculty of Medicine is composed of 7 faculties and boasts of 6 Grade III Class A hospitals and 23 Grade III teaching hospitals. It has set up 3 primary disciplines of doctor degree, 38 secondary disciplines of doctor degree, 3 mobile post-doctoral stations, 42 secondary disciplines of master degree. It has established Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, Laboratory of Infectious Diseases (under the Ministry of Health), Laboratory of Multi-organ Combined Transplantation (under the Ministry of Health), Laboratory of Medical Neurobiology (under the Ministry of Health), Laboratory of Respiratory Drugs (under the State Food and Drug Administration). Epidemiology, surgery (general surgery), oncology, pediatrics are national key disciplines. The Faculty has 562 full professors and associate professors, among which 3 are members of China Academy of Science and 5 are Cheung Kong Chair Professors.
Its educational programs include 8-year Medical Doctor program, 7-year Master of Medicine program, 5.5-year Clinical Medicine program for international students. At present, the total number of clinical medical students has reached over 1,500. Zhejiang University’s “Pilot Class in Clinical Medicine” was set up to enroll students of Clinical medicine, stomatology, basic medicine, preventive medicine (public health) by combined undergraduate and master’s degree training program, which strengthens science foundation and focuses comprehensive student research training, cultural literacy and social care training.
The Faculty is consistently carrying forward medical education reform, bring in system-based integrated teaching block, and established clerkship system in clinical practice teaching, though which students have the opportunities to grasp clinical medicine and related knowledge, have access to comprehensive and standardized clinical practice skills training. The Faculty vigorous carries out curriculum research construction and teacher training, thus have 5 National Great Courses, 1 National Level Key Teaching Group. At the same time, it conduct exchange and cooperation with famous universities at home and abroad with the purpose of broadening students’ international perspectives and enhance international competitiveness.

Office of Undergraduate Study
Personnel Head of the office Telephone Email
Liu Youshi responsible officer, clinical teaching 88208040 liuyoushi@zju.edu.cn
Jin Haiyan curriculum construction, teaching research and reform, 8-year MD program teaching 88208039 jinhy@zju.edu.cn
Ding Mengqi clinical teaching, lab teaching, thesis 88208043 dingmengqi@zju.edu.cn
Chen Huakui undergraduate curriculum management, student research training program(SRTP) 88208041 jiaoyu@zju.edu.cn
Jiang Luhua student status management, score management, graduate qualification check, major confirmation, international exchange 88208042 jiangluhua@zju.edu.cn