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Name: Chen Jack Wei
Post Professor
Position: PI
Education Ph.D.
Professional Biophysics/Bioengineering
Departments Faculty of Basic Medicine
Research single molecule, protein-protein interaction, immunology, neurobiology,cell biology
TEL: 0571-88981850
E-mail: jackweichen@zju.edu.cn
Personal Home Page: http://mypage.zju.edu.cn/jackweichen  


Dr. Wei Chen (Jack) is a professor and PI of Zhejiang University School of Medicine. He received B.S. and M.S. from Zhejiang University in 2001 and 2003, majored in Electrical Engineering. In 2009 he received Ph.D. in Bioengineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. He continued his postdoctoral training at the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering , at Georgia Institute of Technology USA during 2009-2014. In Summer, 2014, he joined Zhejiang University. Same year, he received supports of “1000 Young Scientists Program” from Chinese Government. His main research interest is to develop single-molecule biophysical technology to study membrane receptors’ dynamic functions quantitatively and to explore the molecular mechanism by which receptor-ligand interactions regulate neuron cell and immune cell functions. In a long run, to integrate single-molecule techniques, high-throughput technology, biological experiments and computational modeling to understand neural and immune functions from the molecular level to systematic level. Publication: 14. Liu B, Chen W., and Zhu C.," Molecular Force Spectroscopy on Cells", Annu. Rev. Phys. Chem, 2015, 66: 427–51 13. Liu, B.*, Chen, W.*, Evavold, B., Zhu, C. “Accumulation of Dynamic Catch Bonds between TCR and Agonist Peptide-MHC Triggers T Cell Signaling”. Cell 2014; 157: 357–368.(*co-first author) 12. Choi Y. *, Duke-Cohan J.*, Chen W., Liu B., Rossy J., Gui J., Gaus K., Zhu C. and Reinherz E., “Dynamic control of β1 integrin adhesion by the plexinD1-sema3E axis”, PNAS, 2014, 111 (1): 379-384 11. Chen W., Zhu C., “ Mechanical regulation on T-cell functions”, invited review for Immunological Review, 2013, 256: 160–176. 10. Chen W., Lou J., Evans, E., Zhu C., “Observing force-regulated conformational changes and ligand dissociation from a single integrin on cells”, Journal of Cell Biology, 2012. 199: 497–512. (The article was commented by the Journal of cell Biology in the same issue) 9. Adams J., Narayanan S., Liu B., Birnbaum M., Kruse A., Bowerman N., Chen W., Levin A., Connolly J., Zhu C., Kranz D., Garcia C., “T cell receptor signaling is limited by docking geometry to peptide major histocompatibility complex”, Immunity, 35:681-693, 2011. 8. Xiang X. *, Lee C. *, Li T., Chen W., Zhu C., Lou J., “Structural basis and kinetics of force-induced conformational changes of an alpha-A domain-containing integrin ” Plos One, 6(11):e27946, 2011. 7. Sarangapni K. *, Qian J. *, Chen W., Zarnitsyna V., McEver R., Zhu C., “Regulation of catch bonds by rate of force application”, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286(37):32749, 2011. 6. Chen W., Lou J., Zhu C., “Forcing switch from short- to intermediate- and long-lived states of the αA domain generates LFA-1/ICAM-1 catch bonds”, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285(46):35957-35978, 2010. 5. Wayman A.M., Chen W., McEver R.P., Zhu C., “Triphasic force dependence of E-selectin/ligand dissociation governs cell Rolling under flow”, Biophysical Journal, 99:1166-1174, 2010. 4. Chen W., Zarnitsyna I.V., Sarangapani K.K., Huang J., and Zhu C., “Measuring receptor-ligand binding kinetics on cell surfaces: from adhesion frequency to thermal fluctuation methods”, Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, 4: 276–288, 2008. 3. Chen W., Evans E., McEver R.P., and Zhu C., “Monitoring receptor-ligand interactions between surfaces by thermal fluctuations”, Biophysical Journal, 94: 694-701, 2007 2. Lou J. *, Yago T. *, Klopocki A. G. *, Metha P., Chen W., Zarnitsyna V. I., Bovin N. V., Zhu C., and McEver R. P., “Flow-enhanced adhesion regulated by a selectin interdomain hinge”, The Journal of Cell Biology. 174:1107-1117, 2006. 1. Chen W., Mei D., Zhu S., “A research on Isolated Vibrations Control System of Micro-manufacturing Platform”. The Proceeding of the American Control Conference, 2002.